Who We Are

Introductory video

Mysteria Lucis is the chapter of Lay Dominicans, or lay members of the Order of Preachers, based in Vancouver, B.C., at St. Mary’s Parish. We have come together from diverse backgrounds and from many parishes, seeking a richer spiritual life in the spirit of our father, St. Dominic, and in the company of the Dominican Family. We are called to serve, to attest and to proclaim the truth of the kingdom of God by embracing a simple life and dedicating ourselves deeply to study, prayer, apostolic work and community life. Most of us are active in our own parishes, in ministries of evangelization or compassion such as RCIA, PREP, pastoral care. The Order is also active in promoting justice and peace and care of creation. Scripture, documents of the Church and spiritual writers provide the foundation of our continual effort to know the Truth. We are nurtured by prayer - daily Eucharist and liturgy of the hours, and personal prayer including the rosary, meditation on scripture, personal penance. The community binds us together in the spirituality of St. Dominic, and is a wellspring of spiritual support and encouragement. From there we go out to light the world, living witnesses to a Christian and Dominican life. For anyone striving to be a generous, enthusiastic apostle in the present-day world, and seeking to follow in the footsteps of Christ more closely, the Lay Dominican way of life has a strong appeal!

Our Apostolic work is Lay Evangelization.


To Contemplate and Share with Others the Fruits

of our Contemplation…

St. Thomas Aquinas

2016 is the 800th Jubilee Year of the Dominican Order

This video has been published especially for the Jubilee year and shows the life of the various branches of the Dominican family in the Vancouver area.

Jubilee Prayer

God, Father of mercy,
who called your servant Dominic de Guzman
to set out in faith
as an itinerant pilgrim and a preacher of grace,
as we prepare to celebrate the Jubilee of the Order
we ask you to pour again into us
the Spirit of the Risen Christ,
that we might faithfully and joyfully proclaim
the Gospel of peace,
through the same Jesus Christ our Lord.

Jubilee Hymn

Composer: Fr. Giuseppe Pietro V. Arsciwals, OP

Laudare, we praise our Lord with our saints
Benedicere,we lift our voice in song
Prædicare,we proclaim Your Word to the world.

Sent out to preach by Dominic
sent two by two to all the world
sent out to study the Gospel of grace
to find new ways to preach

Un coeur, une âme, tout donnés
Contemplatifs émerveillés
Joyeux amis, apprenez-nous
Pour les pécheurs, miséricorde.

Presencia del amor de Dios
Presencia profética
Presencia compasiva
Sembradores de esperanza.

Embrace with grace the marketplace
Embrace the world not of the world
Embrace the mission with compassion
to preach the word to the world